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Sobornost For The World Foundation began by helping children in Zambia who were left orphaned in the wake of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

When the children (like the ones pictured above, from our 2017 mission trip) enter the program, they meet with Alice and plans are made for the particular school that the child will attend.  After being accepted at the school, the guardian receives the amount required by that school for uniforms and a backpack. Each year after that, the child receives whatever is required to continue in each grade. When the child begins secondary school, the fee for each student will be approximately $150-300 a year depending on the school, and uniforms are in addition to this amount.

Meet Bernadette, a graduate of the Sobornost scholarship program

Many students who have graduated high school with our support and have even earned scholarships for college. Many of these former students have gone onto nursing programs, started small businesses, attended engineering schools and beyond. Meet Bernadette, (pictured on the right) who graduated with a diploma in Agriculture-Crop Science Major from the University of Zambia, Natural Resources Development College. We're so proud of her!



Our newest efforts to provide support for children began in 2014 when Pattye visited the city of Chennai in India with Fr. Fernando.  The needs are different in India, as the country's population is growing; Chennai is the fifth largest city in the country with a population of 6.7 million. We are focusing on helping organizations, schools and families with educational grants and supplementary food.  During our Missionary trip, we saw many parents struggling to keep their children in school and also observed there is a great need for special education.  In the coming years we hope to provide a place where more children can be cared for and educated.


Young widows with children are struggling to provide for their children with little or no income. We are providing grants to women to help them feed their children, and find better ways to provide for their families. right, this widow is seeking to sew for a living and has two young children.

The Avila School was a joyful place to visit because we were given an opportunity to watch the children do their dance choreography, and they prepared a delicious lunch as well as inviting us to help feed the children. Although these children may have physical or mental limitations, there was no lacking in joy, love and collaboration.  Sr. Leilat and her staff worki very hard to give these children all they need to achieve all they can.  Since 2014 our grants have helped with materials and equipment to help them do so.

Fr. Augustine Fernando is working in India where he now resides since 2022.  He is our mission consultant for our food programs and served on the Board for 11 years.

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