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Definition of sobornost


Unity of a group who share one heart, mind and spirit working together for the common good.

Sobornost For The World Foundation, Inc. was created in 2003 to increase love, peace, justice, joy and hope in the world through sales and advocacy of Fair Trade and by supporting programs for vulnerable orphans with no way to support themselves in zambia and kenya. 

Over the years, Sobornost For The World volunteers have actively engaged the local communities on Long Island, NY, to raise awareness of the needs of impoverished people around the world. We started in 2003 by addressing the crisis of orphans in Zambia and Kenya who lost parents due to the AIDS pandemic. Since our inception, we have increased our programs and now help orphans, individuals and families in other countries as well. Our secondary mission is to increase awareness of Fair Trade practices, where the artisans, farmers and producers of our goods are paid a living wage for their products and are able to support their families and communities, allowing future generations to escape poverty and improve their lives. We bring Fair Trade sales to organizations, as World Village Fair Trade Mobile. Check out our Upcoming Sales page or shop here on the website.






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