Sobornost For The World Foundation, Inc. was created in 2003 to increase love, peace, justice, joy and hope in the world through sales and advocacy of Fair Trade and by supporting programs for young vulnerable orphans with no way to support themselves in sub-Sahara Africa. 

Over the years, Sobornost For The World volunteers have actively engaged the local community on eastern Long Island, NY, to become more aware of the needs of orphans all across the world, especially those in sub-Sahara Africa who had lost parents due to the AIDS pandemic, as well as to increase awareness of Fair Trade.  We implemented our mission of Fair Trade sales through events, fairs, educational workshops and through the full-time operation of a storefront, World Village Fair Trade Market, open from 2003 to 2014. Now that the Market is closed, the members of Sobornost For The World are moving forward to bring Fair Trade a little closer to all those who haven't yet encountered Fair Trade in their local community. The program was renamed, World Village Fair Trade Mobile.


People wonder what this unusual word 'Sobornost' means.  It is a Russian word, which was chosen for its meaning: unity of a group who share one heart, mind and spirit working together for the common good. 






Time marches on and people come and go in

our Foundation, but the memories they have

shared, the hard work they have done as

volunteers and the lives they have helped

will forever be with us as we go forward. 

Many people have come to help us along the way, such as the woman in this photo who is waving, Peggy McDermott (see below).  She, a teacher and a prior Peace Corp member, was instrumental in creating our non-profit's international programs, providing time, effort, trips, and faith in those she served as well as all of us.  She was not only a founding member, but she laid the groundwork for all of the educational programs and deeply devoted herself to the people of Africa. Peggy was able to create programs where orphaned children could be placed into schools, and then they would be provided with food at the school site.  She also created a take-away program for food to be brought back home to the host family of the orphan who lived with them. This changed the orphan from being a burden to becoming a blessing.  Her accomplishments are many, but one that is most important is the school she had built in Kenya with the generous support of donors on Long Island.  This building will be a blessing to many children in the years to come.  

Peggy with Kenya Pre-School
Peggy with Kenya Pre-School

Peggy with Kenya Pre-School
Peggy with Kenya Pre-School