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our volunTEERS  
Our team of volunteers who devote their time, energy, and
resources to our missions and the fa
ir trade message.

Board of Directors


  Pattye Pece
President &     Co-founder

"I am only one, but I am one and I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." - E. Everett Hale

I was inspired by a Missionary Priest from England, Fr. Patrick Fitzgerald, as well as by people like Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Catherine de Hueck Doherty who taught me, where there is poverty and suffering, we can all do something, however small it may be.


When we began our non-profit in 2003, we were ready to take in as many orphans as we could financially support, and over the  years we have seen hundreds of children enter schools in Kenya and Zambia, and as a result, lives changed forever.  Over the years we have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of Fair Trade products, which benefit workers, artisans and farmers around the world support their families and their communities.

We are always seeking additional ways to provide for more people, and especially children in need, and to market more Fair Trade merchandise to support those workers. We invite you to reach out to us and give us your ideas. Your dollars change lives everyday through your purchases of Fair Trade products and by your monetary donations. My fellow board members, too, share their wonderful gifts with this work to help many more lives grow and develop.  Join us!  


Kathleen is a true people person and enjoys speaking with our customers and friends at all our events.  She has a special gift of networking our mission with other local organizations. She has brought the Foundation to many places with our fair trade events, fundraisers, farmers markets and churches.

      Wendy Kunst        Financial Officer

Wendy is our Quick Books Financial and Point of Sale expert! Her excellent accounting and bookkeeping skills are absolutely essential to running a non-profit and mobile store business, but where will you find someone who can do all that with a smile? She is such a blessing to us and a very conscientious one as well.

Board Member


Janine is interested in the mission aspects of our work overseas as she has herself visited Haiti on mission.  Her skills have been a great help to us with organization and marketing.




Yvonne is our Secretary for the Foundation, but has been instrumental in becoming a public speaker at our events. She has management and marketing skills, as well as a gift for event planning.

Board Member


Roberta has chosen to be involved with this mission because of her appreciation for fair trade handcrafted products. She has been hard at work with many different aspects of the Foundation, but has a special flair for coordinating the fair trade products at our events.

Board Member


Diana is our newest member and brings a lot of energy, skill and experience to our Board.  She is a photographer, able to inspire others and a marketing wizard! 

Board of Directors
Pattye Pece, President, Co-Founder
Wendy Kunst, Acting Chief financial officer
Yvonne traficante, secretary
Janine jankowski, board member
Kathleen Johnson, board member
Roberta Morrissey, board member
Fr. Augustine Fernando, Mission CONSULTANT FOR INDIA
Fair Trade Sales Volunteers

the rays

Sara,caroline,marielle, and kat

The Rays have been instrumental in our fair trade development and website design.  They invested generously their time, talent and treasure in all aspects of the Foundation. Their many skills in management and marketing have helped us grow as a Foundation since we first had the brick and mortar store in Hampton Bays, NY.

Debbie Quinlan has been with the Foundation since 2003, and continues to bring fair trade across Long Island with joy. Like the Ray Family, she has been a vital member of this Foundation and volunteers her time, talent and treasure whenever she is needed.

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