*100% of your donation to Sobornost for the World Foundation

is given to the care and support of the orphans and families we fund.

Sobornost for the World Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Dear Visitor to Sobornost,


We welcome you to our website where your dollars are bringing so much good to those in the deepest poverty areas of our world - sub-Sahara Africa, India, Haiti, etc. We hope you will consider donating to our programs where 100% of your financial gift is being used to help so many.

In September 2017, we visited Lusaka, Zambia and parts of India where we are supporting orphaned children with school fees, families in need in India and schools supporting physically and mentally challenged children.  Here is where your gift of $10, $20, $50 or more will help:

     * orphans will receive school fees up to high school-Zambia

     * widows will receive loans for start-up businesses in

                   Zambia and India

     * families will receive grants to help pay the school fees for

                   their children in Zambia and India

     * schools working with children with disabilities will receive

                   grants to buy resources for their school programs

                   in India

     * widows with children will receive grants to learn a skill

                   such as sewing or hairdressing, to earn an income

     * organizations working with the adult disabled will receive

                   grants to help them with needed resources such as

                   mattresses, supplies, food supplements

If you have a particular desire to help in one of the above ways, let us know when you give your gift.  We will apply your gift to that particular area of need.

Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing your gift with those so greatly in need in our world.  May the gifts you give return to you a hundred-fold!



“This year was a huge turn around with no worries and begging. Since the death of my father there has not been anyone who could sponsor me in school.  I am entirely grateful for everything you have been doing for me. I just hope you would continue, not just with me, but with other children in the same situation.”

                     ~  Orphan We Support, Zambia

When you donate to us, did you know your tax deductible gift will be 100% applied to the programs we manage? This is because this non-profit has made a choice not to receive salaries and pay for large offices and overhead.  This is rare in today's world and we felt you would also like to know that the children who live in Zambia and Kenya have gone forward with their lives by receiving scholarships and grants to attend local colleges and universities.


If people - like you - did not help them in their early years to go to school, be looked after and fed, this could not have happened. The many children who have gone through our programs have shared their gratitude to all their sponsors that supported them and they are forever changed to lead productive lives.  Although you may not know them personally, you will feel it in your heart that it made a world of difference in their lives.  On behalf of all of them ... we thank you for your generosity.

Kenya Mission-2004-2014

kenya09 004

Dear Sponsors,                                    November 4, 2014


I write to you to thank you and show much appreciation and gratitude for helping in sponsoring me in school. Before you started helping me, life was hard for my family. My mother used to struggle even just to provide food and shelter, because she used to spend the little money she had on sending my siblings and I to school, even her health has improved because she spends less time worrying.      

                                                     Yours sincerely