A Tribute To Our Priest, Friend & Co-Founder:


   Father Patrick Fitzgerald


      Missionaries of Africa

        Portsmouth/London, England





As a result of Fr. Fitzgerald's efforts, in unity with Sobornost For The World Foundation, there are presently 20 orphans in secondary school in Zambia, and over over 100 orphans have been able to attend school, as well as 100's more in Kenya, due to the support of people like you  since 2003.  

Fr. Patrick Fitzgerald is a Missionary of Africa for over 60 years and still fondly remembers his friends from Zambia, shown in the surrounding photos.  His devotion to the people of Africa, and his passion for Fair Trade have made him a beloved friend to us and to others wherever he goes.

Sobornost For The World Foundation is sincerely grateful to

Fr. Patrick Fitzgerald

 for all the selfless, enthusiastic hours he gave preparing talks, writing our Storefront Thoughts each week, his endless travels to many churches to preach about our mission that was beginning

on Long Island, and his joyful presence as he served people 

in the

World Village Fair Trade Market in Hampton Bays, NY,

Long Island's 1st 100% retail of Fair Trade goods.


Without his leadership and knowledge of developing world issues

- especially in Africa - and because of his love of the people of Africa, we could not have begun this exciting adventure of opening a Fair Trade store on Long Island,

nor would we have been able to provide food and education to hundreds of orphaned children in Africa.  

Our continued service to the poor of Africa and around the world is our profoundest way of thanking him for his service.  

In his own words, he wrote on August 11, 2003:      A Storefront Thought (4)


When I talk about our storefront* in my appeal homilies, I say that I see myself as fully a priest in the storefront as I do at the altar.  At the altar I exercise my ministerial priesthood; in the storefront I exercise the priesthood that I share with all my baptized fellow-workers.  Each of us is united with Christ the King who "... claims dominion over all creation that He may offer to his eternal father a kingdom of justice, love and peace.**"


There are still Catholics who believe that our task and duty is to work and pray.  It is.  But it is not only that; as time goes on I feel more and more uncomfortable with the words of Jesus, "When you present your gift at the altar and remember that your brother/sister has something against you, go first and be reconciled with your brother/sister and then go and present your gift at the altar." (Matthew 5:24)


And many of our brothers and sisters who are starving, who are the victims of unjust trading practices, do have something against me. Recently Pattye showed us the photo of an African child crouched on the ground,** a skeletal body, a large head bowed to the ground; a dying child.  And behind is a bird of prey awaiting its moment.


That child has 'something' against me.  And that child is Christ.  Our storefront is our attempt to be reconciled with that child.  She has millions of brothers and sisters in the same plight.  We are so small, the problem is so vast.  But "Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed, citizens, can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  (Margaret Mead)


* World Village Fair Trade Market in 

  Hampton Bays, NY was open from



** Preface Prayer of Christ the King - Catholic Mass Prayers

Photojournalist: Kevin Carter