Volunteers are at the                    of it !





We would like to thank all of our past volunteers for their

generous service to further this mission.

Your dedication and commitment is very much

remembered and appreciated

From all of us in Sobornost ... THANK YOU! 


Sobornost for the World Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization and very much depends on the support of individuals like


I am one... but I am one; and I will not let what I cannot do,

interfere with what I can do. 

- Everett Hale 

We are an all volunteer organization by choice.

We feel blessed to do

what we can. 


Some of our current volunteers have been with us from the start and we have many new faces that have joined us on this journey. 

 Whether you can help consistently throughout the year or just a few days a year, we appreciate all the time you can give to support our foundation. 

People continue to volunteer with our organization because we all share a strong passion for this mission. It fills our heart to know that we have been able to change the lives of many

 in our world.