September 2017 - Mission Trip to India

Sobornost For The World Foundation is supporting a variety of programs where need has been found over the past three years.  Each person is a precious gift to the world and in our Foundation, we seek to help them reach their potential for life, fulfillment and joy.  Here are some of the ways we are helping:

The 50 men that live in this complex are cared for by the Missionaries of Charity priests.  Many of the men are mobile, but all are mentally and physically challenged in some way. Sobornost For The World has given a grant to provide new mattresses for their beds which were sorely in need.

Young moms living with extended family members have an extra burden upon their shoulders to provide for them all. This widow is seeking to advance her career in hairdressing, has her widowed mother living with her who grows herbs and sells them.  The child is in 3rd grade and is given school fees by the Foundation.

Young widows with children are struggling to provide for their children with little or no income. We are providing grants to women to help them feed their children, and find better ways to provide for their families. Above, this widow is seeking to sew for a living and has two young children.

Selvi is an Occupational Therapist working with severely disabled children in Chennai.  Our grant to the school of games and educational materials will provide many levels of learning, strengthening of tactile skills and sequencing for the children in the Center. While shopping for these products, I was amazed at how versatile these products are for development and learning.

The Avila School was a joyful place to visit because we were given an opportunity to watch the children do their dance choreography, received a delicious lunch and were invited to help feed the children.  Although there are many limitations for these children physically or mentally, there was no lacking in joy, love and collaboration.  Sr. Leilat, who runs the school with her staff, are working very hard to give these children all they need to advance and enter their villages prepared.  Since 2014 our grants are helping them to reach their goals for needed resources.

While being transported throughout the southernmost area of India, I was finally able to see first-hand what rice looks like in a rice paddy thanks to Amalan's successful searching!  We take so much for granted - I had no idea it grew in this way and each rice kernal needed to be taken out of its coating! Much hard work!

The women of the rice paddy on their way to work

Some families may have both parents and what appears to be healthy children, but we found that some families are barely getting by. Our Foundation is seeking out the lost and the suffering and trying to find ways to help lighten their burdens. We presently are supporting families such as this one with school fees so their children can finish school and all can contribute to the family income.  We are privileged to know the people we meet on our trips and to offer some help but this could not be done without the generous support of so many people here on Long Island who have donated over the years.  We thank each of you for your kindness to these people in need and ask that you remember us in our mission to bring joy to the sorrowing, hope to the hopeless and help to the needy.

Fr Augustine Fernando on right, Pattye Pece and two siblings who are being supported with school fees in Chennai.  They are almost now through high school and will surely have a bright future ahead of them.

The array of brilliant colors in this flower medallion about 8 feet in diameter, was only one display of joyful worship for the Catholics of Kanyakumari's recent street procession.