Many people are not aware of Fair Trade and all the good it is doing around the world.

Our Justice in a Box program is a way for you to help share the joy of Fair Trade right where you are located.

If you wish to help in this way, you are only required to sell what you can out of one box of products.


Customize your box! You could choose to sell:

coffee and teas, jewelry and scarves, children's products,

home decor, chocolate and snacks,

or whatever your group would like to buy.

There are many ways to bring Fair Trade to others.  This particular way is convenient for your schedule!

Help us help others just by selling what's in your box!

Contact us for information here or email us at villagefairtrade@yahoo.com for information.

Where has Justice in a Box visited?

Riverhead Central School District Office, Riverhead

Our Lady of Grace Academy, Syosset

Prayer/Bible Group, Southold

Private Home Parties